The process

At Farmstead Built, we pride ourselves on quality and excellence. By committing to no more than three to four homes at a time, Chad is able to visit each job site daily. This ensures your home is not only built properly, but also cultivates excellent communication between home owners, sub contractors, and builder.



Bring your own house plans or work with Chad to develop a plan that works specifically for you. Chad is flexible but knowledgable about the design process.


Once you have a plan, it’s time to create a budget. We know every dollar counts, which is why Chad will work with you to create a home you love that is affordable. Chad creates a spreadsheet of all the costs required to build your home. While the original budget is constantly updated throughout construction, Chad's flat contractor's fee will not change.


Once plans are prepared and budget is set, it’s time to break ground! The construction process generally takes 6-10 months, during which you will be in constant communication with Chad.